Our Story

Once upon a time….
A good story always starts with once upon a time…
Two sisters, two hearts, 4 hands and 1 successful business started in 2012

We are Nelly Bags and Accessories.


The name NELLY is very dear to our hearts, it was our late grandmothers beautiful name. She had hands of gold with a needle and thread. People would come from far away to have their special wedding dress made by Nellie Swart in the 1950’s and 1960’s. Our love for needlework was passed on from her to us both. We are so glad that we can let her name live on through our passion.

We had both been teachers by profession but the creativity and drive to work with our hands took over and we started making bags. Working from our guestrooms and dining tables, our bags traveled from house to house being loved by all. Now we manufacture and supply our bags all over RSA, Namibia and Botswana.


Why we love Nelly bags
We are unique, we will always do our own designs as well as the patterns on all our bags.
Our bags are:
• Practical yet beautiful;
• Sophisticated but fun;
• Made from durable fabric and thick lining;
• Have strong zips;

• Hold their shape;


There is no age limit to wear our bags
You will find a bag that fits your personality perfectly
You will look and feel beautiful in our bags and wearing it will put a smile on your face.
And most of all it’s made with lots of love from our family to yours.
We can’t wait for you to become one of our family members.
That is our story and a good story always ends with…
And Nelly Bags lived happily ever after…

Welcome to the Nelly Bags Shop,

Thank you for browsing and we hope you found a bag that you love.

Please feel free to place your order but also please note that our delivery lead time is 4-7 weeks.
If you need any assistance, please feel free to contact us.

Lots of love,
The Nelly Team